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Our staff member Sabena has put together a wonderful list of new additions to our collection. Check one out today.

New Materials in the Library:


1. Roberta’s Cookbook” is a book filled with all the delicious Italian and Italian-style recipes one could wish for especially in this cold weather – something to warm the cockles of your heart. From showing how to make pasta dough to a salad of carrots with smoked ricotta, radish and lemon to porchetta to a parsley cake, one can spend hours whipping up a feast in the kitchen and feeding family and friends.

2. At festive holiday gatherings at home, selecting wine from one’s cellar is ideal. However, what if there is no wine cellar and wines have to be bought from a store? “Keys to the Cellar: strategies and secrets of wine collecting by Peter D. Meltzer is the answer. In this versatile book, the author simplifies the mysteries of buying wines and how useful it is to collect wine not only for one’s own enjoyment but to spread cheer amongst your family & friends.

3. Harvey Steiman of Wine Spectator has written a first-rate book called “Essentials of Wine: A Guide to the Basics”. Here the world of wine is simplified as one will learn how to choose, buy and enjoy this delectable liquid grape and pair it with all kinds of delicious food. One couldn’t ask for a better book that is both enjoyable to read and which reads like a novel.

4. It may have a French title but “Cuisine du Temps” by Master Chef Jacques Reymond is in the English language and a delight to read. This book shows how a classically trained chef can easily adapt to an Asian cuisine and turn out excellent dishes.

5. As the co-founder of the Chicago French Pastry School, Jacquy Pfeiferh as written a stellar book called The Art of French Pastry. Chapters begin with stories from his years apprenticing in Alsace and then each recipe is mapped out like a battle plan so that there is little room for error. Just reading this book will make one want to eat the colored pictures or run to the kitchen to start baking. Will it be a lemon cream tart with meringue teardrops? Perhaps a Black Forest Cake or Carnival Fritters? Lasst uns kochen (let us cook)

6. For the sommelier program, what better movie to see than the celebrated “SOMM” which shows how four sommeliers study to take the difficult Master Sommelier exam and what they endure during the process. Both interesting and excruciating for the viewer, it is a must see for any wine student.

7. The Pepperpot Club is a celebration of Caribbean Cuisine by Jonathan Phang. When this book arrived, I clung to it avidly reading the stories Jonathan related about his growing up in Guyana and the kinds of food his family cooked. This book is a treasure and should be read with pleasure!

8. Who doesn’t love a cup of java in the morning or a cappuccino when the feeling strikes but do you know how to select, roast and brew it yourself? Perhaps not! So this book aptly titled, “The Art and Craft of Coffee” by Kevin Sinott explains all the intricacies while making it easy for one to become an expert!

9. Ramen seems to be the rage in New York City and has been for some time with ramen shops dotted across the city and the boroughs. So our new addition to the library “Japanese Soul Cooking” by Tadashi Ono & Harris Salat explains about varieties of ramen, tonkatsu, tempura and all the kinds of Japanese dishes that New Yorkers need to know more about in order to savor it.

10. “Mastering the Art of Soviet Cooking” by Anya Von Bremzer is a novel one can read and enjoy on a cold winter weekend. The author grew up in communist Russia with food hardships and drab living. After moving to Philadelphia at the age of 10, Von Bremzer fell in love with a new culinary world in which she embraced.

Honorable mentions:

  • Indian Cooking Unfolded by Raghavan Iyer
  • World Class Swedish Cooking: Artisanal Recipes from One of Stockholm’s Most Celebrated Restaurants by Bjôrn Frantzen & Daniel Lindeberg
  • Salumi: savory ideas and serving ideas for salame, prosciutto, and more by John Piccetti and Francois VEcchio with Joyce Goldstein
  • The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert by Richard Betts
  • A Year in Burgundy: A Film by David Kennard & Martine Saunier

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