Throwback Thursday – A Russian Jew Cooks in Peru

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A true gem from our collection, Violeta Autumn chronicles the unique cuisine that grew out of Jewish immigrant communities in A Russian Jew Cooks in Peru.

photo 2 (3) 

Written in 1973, A Russian Jew Cooks in Peru chronicles the culinary impact when an immigrant population must adapt to their new home. During the 20s and 30s many Russian born Jewish people moved to Peru, among them, the parents of Ms. Autumn. The recipes are unique combinations such as Matzo meal Bocaditos and Pecante de Cuy (prepared with Rabit). The recipes are not only original but beautifully hand lettered and illustrated.

 photo 1 (2)

So whether you love Russian, Jewish or Peruvian food, stop by the library and pick up this treasure trove of ideas. It will definitely give you some inspiration for revising traditions and thinking outside of the culinary box. Check it out! 


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