Library Book Sale 2014

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It’s that time again! We have done some collection weeding and will be hosting our ICC Library Book sale. Stop by the library the week of November 17-21 and see which treasures you unearth. The sale is open to all staff, students and alumni. Over the next week I will be highlighting some selections here.

whats cooking kentucky

Did you love southern food before Sean Brock made it cool? Then What’s Cooking in Kentucky is for you!

With seven types of biscuits, ten types of pickles and twenty, yes twenty different casseroles this book has you covered for any occasion. Particularly recommended for virtuous women by the authoress Irene Hayes in her intro.


But maybe you aren’t a virtuous woman, or you just need a break from virtue every once in awhile. The New York Bar-Tenders Guide is one of several cocktail books available at the upcoming sale. When is the last time you had a Waikiki Beachcomber? A  Bronx Cheer? How about a Chicken Shot? All these and so many more are covered in this convenient guide. Just in time for the holidays too, make the Devil’s Tail your signature drink this Thanksgiving.

Who wants candy

Do you have more of a sweet tooth? Then Who Wants Candy? is the selection for you! It include many vintage recipes for fudge, bonbons, popcorn and nut treats as well as no bake cookies. As the back of the book says – Being bad never tasted so good.

Like what you see? All this and more will be on sale in the library next week! Come by Monday the 17th at 3pm for the best selection. Bring cash & your own bags.


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