Cook the Books – Diana Henry to the Rescue!

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This week in Cook the Books, Sabena Singh, Library Assistant, dives into our new acquisition A Change of Appetite by Diana Henry.

On a recent evening after an indulgent chocolate tasting event, I was on the bus going home thinking about what to have for dinner. Ideally, I should have had a cup of plain broth, but I am not a saint in any shape or form. On reaching home, I looked inside the refrigerator and found broccoli. Instead of just steaming it or roasting it like I usually did, I spied the latest book that I had borrowed from the ICC library. Diana Henry’s new book, “A Change of Appetite: Where Healthy Meets Delicious” and there was a recipe tailor made for me – Stir Fried Baby Broccoli with Chinese Flavors.

Steam the broccoli until only just tender. Meanwhile, sauté the garlic and ginger in the oil until golden brown and soft. Add the broccoli, scallions, and oyster sauce, Gently heat through and serve with brown rice. Serves 6 as a side dish.

Learning to improvise in the kitchen is essential – I had broccoli but not baby broccoli. It hardly matters. I had all the other ingredients.


First I cut up the broccoli into fairly small pieces and then steamed it.


I then sautéed the aromatics in oil and scattered the broccoli on top with the sliced scallions and the oyster sauce. Meanwhile, I had already washed white Basmati rice which was humming in a saucepan on the stove. I am not a fan of brown rice and generally in India, one hardly ever sees brown rice nor is asked if one wants it. .The rice was cooked, fluffy, and ready to eat. The broccoli glistened in the pan and my mouth was watering. I was ready to dive in and eat and all it took was less than thirty minutes.

sauteed broccoli

Care to join me?


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