Throwback Thursday – Fireside Cookbook

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More Beard Mania this week – what can I say, my fascination is developing into a full blown obsession.  2046.1L

The Fireside Cookbook A Complete Guide to Fine Cooking for Beginner and Expert Containing 1217 Recipes and Over 400 Color Pictures was the forth cookbook that James Beard release in 1949. It was is first attempt at a big, all purpose cookbook and the first time Beard made his case fro an American cuisine.  The Fireside Cook Book sold well and was positively reviewed.


The book is charmingly illustrated with bright colors and animals cooking. The tone is friendly and accessible, Beard includes such menu ideas as A Quick Meal for Children When They Bring Home Unexpected Guests and Dinner for a Gloomy Day When All the Leftovers are Gone (been there!)

Ever practical, Beard includes variations for each recipe as well as sections on Quick Meals and Warm and Cold weather meals.


Here in the ICC Library we have the beautiful first edition from 1949, come take a look!


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