June 2015 Staff Recommendations

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It’s finally starting to warm up outside, so it’s a great time to barbecue! If you need help getting started, check out Chef Philippe’s recommendation, Peace Love and Barbecue by Mike MillsHe likes it because it includes great history and techniques! So come by and pick it up to amaze everyone at your next barbecue.


If you like your summer parties more refined, check out Chef Damiens pick, My Best: Daniel Boulud. He loves it because,  “it has great flavor profiles and good pictures! LOL.” This series is beloved by many chefs here and has been a staff pick before. If you haven’t spent time with it yet, do yourself a favor and take a look!


Need a beach read? We’ve got you covered. The library isn’t all cookbooks. Just ask Chef Alex! His pick this month is Mycophilia by Eugenia Bone. This book, “Talks about many facets of mushrooms and different uses and philosophies behind the uses”


And from Chef Jose, another engaging read, The Elements of Cooking by Michael Ruhlman. He loves it because, “It has all you need to know and more…” and it’s best for students in level 1-2.


From Chef Vanessa in L’Ecole, Molecular Gastronomy by Jose Sanchez. She loves this book because, ” It explains the how, what and why of molecular gastronomy in an accessible, easy to follow way! Don’t be intimidated!” It’s best for anyone looking for an introduction to the science side of cooking.


And finally, our lovely executive editor and Somm grad Michelle Thomas suggests The Elements of Taste by Grau Kunz and Peter Kaminsky. “With recipes organized by taste, this book presents a great way of thinking about flavor and flavor pairing. Great for menu projects!” It is best for Somm (wine pairing); Culinary and Pastry!

Check back next month for more staff suggestions!


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