Throwback Thursday – Vienna’s Empire

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This guest post is from ICC Librarys new intern, Laura Pamplona. After getting to know our collection, she selected this item for Throwback Thursday. Welcome Laura! 

Recipes: The Cooking of Vienna’s Empire


Published in 1968 by Time-Life books in New York; this book of recipes resides in our collection and it includes a variety of dishes. If you happen to be home this summer you will be able to give your kitchen (and taste buds) a culinary tour through Central Europe by laying the book perfectly flat on the surface of your counter, thanks to its unique spiral binding. Some of the recipes that might get your attention include:

  • Transylvanian goulash (don’t you think you might want to check out a copy of Dracula too?)
  • Aprikosenblattergeback which are just cookies, don’t let the name scare you away.
  • Last but not least Liver dumplings, because you know… dumplings with an European air might be just heavenly good.

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