July 2015 Staff Recommendations

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Another month, another batch of staff picks from the amazing crew here at ICC.

Looking for a fun food read to take on your summer vacation? Pick up Serious Pig by John Thorne. This book is recommended by Chef Gabe because “Before there were foodies, there was John Thorne.” and he says if nothing else, read the writing on beans. So whether you are going to Maine or Louisiana, there is something for you in the essay collection.



Do you love Korean food? Then check out Maagchi’s Real Korean Cooking. International Student Advisor, Alejandra Garcia loves this book because “The recipes are really fantastic & go into cultural/historical importance for most. There’s a lot of detail in techniques & Korean ingredients.” It is best for “studying Korean recipes.”


And if all that kimchee has you thinking about fermentation, check out Chef Ben’s pick The Art of Fermentation by Sando Katz. He loves it because, “It not only explains the processes of fermentation but also delves into how fermentation helped humans to evolve and survive.”


If baking is more your style, pick up this selection from MaryKate Howland, School Director and Pastry Alum BakeWise by Shirley Corriner. Says MaryKate, “The recipes are great, but the things that’s most interesting about this book is the focus on the hows/whys and the science of baking” and it’s best for, “people interested in pastry recipe testing”


Chef Vanessa from L’Ecole recommends Primal Cuts by Marissa Guggiana. “It’s a book for people who love meat by people who love meat even more! TRUST YOUR BUTCHER!”
This book is best for: “Carnivores. Grr.”


And last but certainly not least,  Chef Marc Bauer suggests The Professional Charcuterie because, “the recipes work and it includes all traditional sausage.” This book is best for, “Reference, when you want to make a sausage and make sure it turns out right.”

So stop by the library for these and others, whether you need a beach read or recipes for your next BBQ!


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