Throwback Thursday – An illustrated History of French Cuisine

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Here’s another recommendation from the lovely Laura.

french cuisine

Today’s Throwback Thursday book was originally printed in French back in 1962. An illustrated History of French Cuisine is a book that takes us back years, if not, centuries, to the culinary world of France. It is filled with the obvious, illustrations and odd facts that might allow you to spark the conversation next time you find yourself clueless in the middle of your French Cuisine class. You might be able to find things such as how France got their national vegetable out of a Louis XVI birthday celebration; and if this is not interesting enough, there’s also an illustration of a deer standing in the middle of the dinner table, which nobody seems to mind. I got to learn a thing or two about French history and if you are lucky enough, I might not check it out just yet to give you a chance.


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