Throwback Thursday – Apicius

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Today we are throwing it way back. As far back as you can go in fact, Apicius is a collection of ancient Roman recipes thought to be published in the 4th or 5th century.

IMG_3109 (1)

This book is not intended for use in the modern kitchen, though some editions have been published which adapt the recipes for such use. This copy gives a faithful translation of the text along with the cooking techniques and procedures unique to the cuisine.

It is named for Marcus  Gavius Apicius, a gourmet whose name became synonymous with gastronomy. The book, however, was not intended for people of his class. Unlike today, at the time it was not considered socially acceptable to cook. Those old timey foodies would never partake in the process themselves, only request what they would like to eat and eat it. It was considered “disgraceful” to cook, all domestic labor was left for slaves. As for the actual content, Apicius is divided into 10 chapters; mise en place, meat, greens, compound dishes, pulses, fowl, luxury dishes, quadrupeds, seafood and fish. Stop by the library and have a look!


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