Library Policies

Basic rules:

Cell phones must be turned off or silenced while in the library. Please avoid taking calls.

Food and beverages are allowed in the library as this is a cooking school but must be stored away when using library materials.

Patrons are asked to respect the quiet learning environment.


Library materials can be circulated between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday through Friday. The library is closed on Saturday but materials may be returned through the book drop slot while the building is open.

Students, faculty, and staff members are required to sign out all materials and follow the current borrowing policy.

Borrowing Limits

Students may borrow up to 8  items at one time (5 Books & 3 DVDs). Once this limit is reached, no further items may be borrowed until some or all of the items are returned.

In addition the following limits on material types apply:

Material Loan Period
Books 2 weeks
DVDs 2 Days*
Periodicals In library use only

*students who check out DVDs on Friday will have until the following Monday to return the materials.


Circulating books may be renewed for up to one month (two times) by students and staff if no one else has requested them. Books can be renewed by visiting or calling (646-254-8560). Patrons can also email the librarian or fill out the contact form.


If an item is checked out, anyone eligible to borrow it may place a hold on it. This will prevent the patron who has checked out the item from renewing it but will not affect the date the book is due. You may ask the library staff at the circulation desk to place a hold on the book for you.

Fines & Replacement Fees

All materials must be returned by their due date. If you receive an overdue notice you must return the item immediately or request a renewal if the book has not exceeded its renewal limit.

Those patrons who have exceeded their renewal limit and fail to return materials on time will be responsible for covering the total cost of items in their possession. Additionally, students will be charged a $15.00 processing fee for each item that must be replaced. These fees will be added to the student’s account and must be paid in full before the completion of their program. If fees remain in the account upon graduation, students will not receive their diploma and will have their ICC Community privileges revoked until payment is received.

Lost or Damaged Materials

Patrons who have lost or have damaged library materials have the option of purchasing a new copy of the item for the library and paying the library only the $15.00 processing fee. This must be cleared with the Librarian, Alexandria Capone, before doing so.

Leave of Absence

Any students who have materials out at the time of their leave of absence (LOA) need to return those materials to the library before the leave begins.  If the materials are not returned the students will be charged for the total cost of materials plus the processing fee.

Alumni Usage

All ICC alumni are welcome to visit the library and view our resources on site. Alumni may also use the fax/copier services. Before visiting the library, all alumni must stop by the Student Affairs office to get an access card.

Public Access

The library is open to the public by appointment only from Monday through Friday, 9am until 5:30pm. Those wishing to use the library’s facilities should contact the library to make an appointment. An email confirmation will be required before visiting. Members of the public are asked to fill out a brief contact sheet at the time of their visit. Library materials are non-circulating for the public.