search the online catalog?

Click here for the library’s catalog.

To start using the catalog, click on the “Catalog” tab. From there, you can search for books by author, title, subject, or keyword. Call (ext. 8560) or email ( the library if you have any questions. Happy browsing!

Quick Search Tips

Keyword searching: If you enter a search term (like “chocolate” or “Julia Child”) and press enter, the system automatically performs a keyword search. This means that it checks for any reference (as author, subject, title, etc.) to your search terms. This search will return the most results.

If you want to narrow your results, you have several options.

Title and Author searching are very similar. If you enter a search term like “cake” and click on “Title,” the system searches for all titles that contain the word “cake.” If you enter “Batali,” and hit author, all of the books with “Batali” as part of the author’s name will come up. Both of these searches will return a smaller list of books than the keyword search.

The Subject search finds terms that are listed as the subjects of a book. If you search for “cookie” as a subject, the system will return the records of all books that have “cookie” as a subject, but not necessarily all books that have cookie in the title or summary. This is useful for narrowing a search, though it can be trickier to use than a keyword search.

Using an asterisk (*) in your search terms can help you expand your searches. If, for instance, you wanted to search for all books that contained “candy” or “candies,” you could use “cand*” as a search term. The system would then return any records that contained words that start with “cand,” like “candy” or “candies.” This saves you from having to do duplicate searches for similar search terms!