Research Guides

The library has many resources available for research and pleasure reading. The list below summarizes some of the major resources.

Books and DVDs
The library has over 4000 books and almost 1000 DVDs. Use the catalog to search for specific titles or subjects. Except for a few reference books, both books and DVDs can be checked out to students and alums. The library has books from all over the world, including titles from France, Italy, England, Australia, Japan, Spain, Brazil, and more. If you need research assistance or help locating a particular title please ask at the circulation desk.

Curriculum Books
The library has copies of the curriculum books from all of the professional programs. If you need to make copies of the curriculum books for any reason, just ask at the circulation desk and one of the librarians will assist you.

The library subscribes to more than 30 periodicals. Back issues of most of the titles are available in the library for browsing or photocopying, but periodicals cannot be checked out. Highlights of the periodical collection include: Gourmet magazine (1969 to 2009); Art Culinaire(1990s to the present); So Good (2009 to the present); Sale e Pepe (2007 to the present); Cucina Italiana (2007 to the present); Canal House Cooking (2009 to the present); Cook’s Illustrated (2003 to the present); New York Times Dining section (2006 to the present); and many more. If you would like to see a title we do not currently carry, please let us know!

Eat Your Books
More than half of the library’s books are catalogued on Eat Your Books, a website that makes it possible to search for specific recipes within the cookbooks in the library’s collection. If you are looking for a specific recipe, EYB is a quick, effective way to search. You can either have the librarians search for you, or ask at the circulation desk for login information.

Restaurant Menus
The library has a collection of more than 100 restaurant menus, mostly from New York City. These menus are stored behind the circulation desk, but are available for student browsing in the library. If you would like to see the menus, just ask the librarian or one of the library assistants.

Level 5 Menu Projects (Culinary)
The library has a number of old culinary level 5 projects. They are stored in drawers underneath the blue bench in the middle of the library. These projects are available for browsing, but may not be photocopied or checked out.

There are four computers for student use in the library. The computers are equipped for internet browsing, word processing, and other basic functions. A photocopier/scanner/printer/fax is also available for students, free of charge.