Chocolate Showpiece Project

The library has a number of resources to help you with your chocolate showpiece project.

Bertrand, Philippe, Philippe Marand, Fabien Barbier, Moussa Elibrik, and Amy Lodge.Chocolat. Paris: les Éd. de l’If, 2000. Print.

Leroux, Stéphane, and Jean-Pierre Gabriel. Matière Chocolat =: [chocolate Matter]. Brussels: Francoise Blouard, 2008. Print.

Morato, Ramon. Chocolate. Barcelona: Grupo Vilbo, 2007. Print.

Wybauw, Jean-Pierre, and Frank Croes. Chocolate Decorations. Tielt [Belgium: Lannoo, 2006. Print.

Ziegler, Franz. Chocolate Fantasy. Stuttgart: Matthaes, 2002. Print.

Ziegler, Franz. Magic Chocolate. Stuttgart: Hugo Matthaes Druckerei und Verlag, 1997. Print.


So Good, which covers European pastry chefs, is also an excellent resource. It is available in the periodicals section of the library.